Daily Sign in/out

Every child must arrive by 9:30am as well as be signed in and out each day. The signature must be a full, legal signature, initials are unacceptable.

If you fail to sign in your child properly, you will be called to come back and sign them in. This is a LEGAL licensing requirement.

The person who delivers your child to school or picks your child up from school must come into the classroom and sign their attendance sheet. This is a licensing regulation and is for your child’s safety.

The person delivering your child must also make contact with a teacher before leaving. Likewise, the person picking your child up must inform a teacher of their departure in addition to signing out in the book. All EDS sites close at 5:30pm. 

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before closure to ensure a timely departure by 5:30pm so staff can complete their closing duties timely. Check in with a teacher verbally before signing in and out your child. The teacher needs to have an accurate record of how many and which children are present at any time in case of emergency. This is extremely important as the same teacher who greeted your child in the morning may not be present in the late afternoon.