There are also certain illnesses that may preclude your child from attending the center.  Please refer to the Early Development Services Illness Policy for the specific illnesses. If your child is exhibiting any of the symptoms of any of the illnesses listed, we ask you to keep your child at home until either the symptoms have subsided or a doctor has determined that the child is no longer contagious and can return.  Children who were previously sent home who return to the center to be sent home again for the same illness, will not be admitted for 2 operational days regardless of the stated illness policy.

When children are in the center, they must be able to participate in all activities including outside time and water play.  If a child is too ill to go outside or is being given over the counter medication, then they are too ill to be at the center.  If a staff member calls you to pick up your child due to illness, you or your authorized person must pickup the child within one hour. All attempts will be made to contact all persons listed on your emergency contact form. However, if children are not picked up within the hour of the attempt to reach an emergency contact, the child will not be accepted for 2 operational days regardless of the child’s condition. Refusal to pick up your child may result in notification to Child Protection Services.  If you receive a call that your child is ill after 3 pm, you are not required to pick up the child within the hour. However, you will be required to keep your child home for the requisite time period stated in our illness policy.

Families must keep center staff apprised of their whereabouts while the child is in our care so that they may be quickly contacted in the event of an emergency. Families must keep identification and emergency information current! Notify the center of any changes such as address, phone numbers, etc. as soon as such changes are known!