Center staff can only administer medication that has been prescribed by a doctor. 

All medication must have a doctor’s note and the prescription in the original, unaltered container.  In addition, families will need to fill out a form authorizing the staff to give the child the medication, the time in which to give the medication and the dosage. We will only administer medicine/Nebulizers that are prescribed 3 or more times a day.

Medicine/Nebulizers that are only prescribed for 2x a day must be administered before and after the child is in care. Families will be called each time a child seems to need any prescriptions that state “as needed”. NO over the counter or fever reducing medication (non-prescription) will be given to children while they are in care. This includes over the counter creams (except for diaper crèmes so long as they are accompanied by a doctor note) and lotions with the exception of the Rocky Mountain Sunscreen that the center provides.  Sunscreen will ONLY be applied to those children who have a signed consent from their families and are over six months of age.  We ask that families apply sunscreen to their child in the morning before arriving at the center; the center staff will reapply sunscreen in the afternoon and as needed.

All medications will be stored in a locked container and/or out of reach of children.