Preparing the Center

Prior to opening, each EDS facility has been sanitized both by staff and sanitizing professionals using Enviro-Master Sani-Guard Electrostatic Spraying. These measures included exterior play areas/structures and will continue through the coming months in addition to daily measures.

Each center will be provided detailed instructions tailored specifically to the building design and staffing structure. Staff at each site will be trained to the specifics of their work site in order to ensure consistency in policies and practices. Additionally, staff will not be moved from site to site unless absolutely necessary. Room assignments shall remain consistent in so far as possible.

Prior to opening, each staff member will be trained on the specifics of their assigned site including entering and exiting the building daily. The following must be completed prior to opening: #

• Remove all personal possessions of children not currently returning by sealing it in a bag, labeling it with their name, classroom, and storing it in a classroom cabinet or unused classroom.
• Remove all cots of children not currently returning by storing them in an unused classroom or placing them at the bottom of the cot stack. Remove and wash all bedding. Spray all remaining cots with Steramine.
• Ensure there is a Steramine spray bottle by all toilets and sinks (adult and child) out of reach of children.
• Ensure that the emergency contact information for each child is updated with an adult who is ready and able to pick up the child immediately in the event of an illness.
• Create the check in/out station in the entry of each center as designated in the site-specific instructions.
• Ensure the family drop off spaces are designated with red tape outside of each building.
• Ensure all hand sanitizers/soap dispensers are filled and functionable.
• Retrain all staff on handwashing protocols.