Safety and Stability in these Uncertain Times

During this state of emergency, there are protocols and policies that are new to you or measures you are being asked to take that are extreme compared to previous practices. However, at the core, you are being asked to draw on your expertise. You are being asked to provide safety and stability for children and their families in a very unstable time in their (and your) lives. Although, you may feel some doubt about how to care for children in these times, follow your leaders, trust your knowledge and trust your skills, you already know what to do.
Whether children are new or returning to the program, remember to prioritize building and strengthening relationships with them and their families to help navigate and adjust to these potentially stressful times. You understand the importance of relationships and you know how to cultivate them. Continue to connect with the children and families in your care while working to connect them with those that are not back yet via Learning Genie, Zoom classroom time, etc. Remember, while we may be separated, we are not divided.