Staffing Considerations

Center Directors and staff are encouraged to have open conversations in order to make the best and safest decisions for the children in our care.

The following policies are in place: #

  • Only essential personnel may be onsite unless prior approval is given by the
    Center Director and proper entry procedures are followed.
  • Staff are encouraged to take care of their own health care and wellness needs.
  • Adult bathrooms including toilet handles, sinks, door handles, etc. must be sprayed with Steramine after use by each staff member.
  • To the extent possible use staff that are familiar with the children, families, and program.
  • Maintain consistent staffing in each classroom and implement primary care. If necessary, use consistent reliever staff.
  • Staff must stay home if they are suffering from any illness and inform their Center Director immediately if they begin to feel symptoms while at work.
  • Observe staff for symptoms upon arrival and throughout the day. If symptoms emerge, they will be sent home and advised to contact their health care provider.
  • Staff may not congregate in staff break rooms or around the time clocks. Breaks and lunches will be scheduled in order to prevent sharing of staff space and facilitate physical distancing, in so far as practicable.
  • Staff should wear fabric masks which are to be left at the center each day to ensure they are washed before the next use. If a staff member chooses to provide their own mask, they must provide at least two and label them with their first/last name. They must remain at the center to ensure being washed at the end of each day.