Items From Home

Children often need transitional objects to help with the switch from home to the center.  Transitional objects are used only during the time in which the child is adapting to the center. This usually takes 1-2 weeks. Temporary transitional objects such as a small stuffed animal or pacifier are welcome at the center.

Please label all transitional objects with the child’s name to help the caregiver keep track of whose belongings are whose.

Children are not required to share their transitional object. Other objects that children may want to bring from home are prohibited as they may get lost, broken, or may lead to situations where children are unable to share the toy.  If your child will not leave the house without their treasured action figure, allow them to take it, but tell the child that you will keep it safe in the car so it will be there on the drive home.  You can also encourage your child to tell the caregiver about the special toy. Additionally, please do not bring backpacks, totes, etc. with your child to care. These can often have items that are not safe for a group care setting which we cannot monitor as they are left unattended in children’s cubbies.

Children are welcome to bring books to share with the class.  If you do bring in a book, make sure it has the child’s name on it somewhere and let a caregiver know that you have brought a book that can be read to the whole class.  The caregiver will help your child by explaining that they will keep the book safe until it is time to read it and then will hold it until it is time to take it back home.