Infant and Toddler Program

The Infant And Toddler Curriculum Is Designed To Meet The Unique And Individual Needs Of The Infants And Toddlers We Serve.

Quality infant/toddler care is not babysitting and it is not preschool. It is care that looks like no other curriculum.

The components of a quality infant/toddler curriculum are based on

  • Close, caring relationships with a primary caregiver
  • Predictable routines and environments
  • Home/School connections
  • Hands-on exploration and play in a safe, opportunity filled environment

For infants and toddlers, these four components that make up their curriculum occur through close caring relationships with a primary caregiver.

A primary caregiver is the person who helps your child with daily caregiving tasks such as eating, sleeping, and toileting. It is through these relationships that children learn to create attachments. These attachments between primary caregiver and child, not only create safe and nurturing environments for a child to explore in, but they also foster connections between home and school while helping to maintain the child’s home culture.

The caregiver’s team with other caregivers and parents to provide consistent routines that are individualized for each child.

Infants and toddlers learn about their world through their senses, so caregivers plan environments and activities that encourage children to touch, taste, smell, listen, and interact in any way that meets that child’s need.

Play is young children’s work; it is how they learn and is the basis of our infant/toddler curriculum.